Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Painless wisdom tooth surgical removal in Gurgaon

Wisdom Tooth Surgery in Gurgaon


Wisdom tooth removal surgery in Gurgaon

The wisdom tooth is the last tooth erupting in your jaws after the age of 18 years. This tooth is often “impacted” which means it fails to erupt properly in the jaw like other teeth. Moreover, it erupts in different directions and at an angle sometimes, damaging the other teeth. There are more chances of these teeth getting cavity and dental infection. Once infected this gives pain and swelling in the jaws. You need to get such a tooth removed to cure pain, swelling, and damage to the surrounding teeth. The procedure of removal of such a tooth is called ‘Wisdom Tooth Surgery’.

Why do you need to remove a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in your jaws. They tend to erupt in an abrupt position and are not helpful in chewing. That is the reason they are considered as an extra tooth in the jaws. More often they give trouble and a better way to get rid of trouble is to remove these teeth. You may experience one of the following conditions that indicate wisdom tooth problem:


Pain in the Back of Jaws

Swelling in Jaws, Neck, around Ear

Difficulty in Swallowing

Numbness in Lower Jaw

Difficulty in mouth opening

Are you afraid of Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

We always came across people telling us how scared they are about – wisdom tooth surgery. Most of the time they heard stories from their friend and family or had seen scary movies. But, most of the time after the removal of wisdom tooth our patients say they had suffered unnecessarily for so long. The removal procedure was not as bad as they had thought. Only the worry about the nightmare have they suffered and delayed the removal for so long.

We have one of the best dental surgeons in Gurgaon for all minor and major surgeries like surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery


There is often pain and swelling in the last region of your jaws. Most of the time the culprit is an impacted wisdom tooth. Yes, you are right, these last molars in your upper and lower jaws are called wisdom teeth as they usually erupt after you are 18 years old. So why we require to remove them? The reason is they tend to be impacted which means not able to erupt in the jaws in the proper position. Many a time these pose problems, get infected and can damage surrounding good teeth. For this reason, a dentist would remove the wisdom teeth with minor surgery. Want to know more?- Click Here.


Gum Surgery


Gum disease when progressed is known as periodontal disease. If you have a severe gum infection, a dentist may suggest Gum Surgery or periodontal Surgery. With periodontal surgery, your gum infection will reduce, and reshaping of jaw bone happens. The bone supporting your teeth will get strong and hold teeth firmly. According to the extent of gum infection different types of gum surgery like gingival flap surgery, gingivectomy, gum graft, bone grafting, guided gum regeneration, etc. Want to learn more about gum surgery?- click here.

Tongue-tie Surgery (Frenectomy)


Tongue-tie is also known as ankyloglossia, is a condition where the tie is created due to a hard, short, thick band of frenulum attaching the tongue to the floor of the mouth. A small surgical procedure to release the tie is called tongue-tie surgery or frenectomy.  Tongue-tie is operated usually in infants but can be performed for adults too. Want to know more about tongue-tie surgery in Gurgaon? Click here.


Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate Surgery


Cleft-Lip & Cleft-palate is a defect in the fusion of lip and palate by birth. It can be incomplete development of only lip, only palate, or both. These defects create problems in breastfeeding by such babies. These defects are also known as orofacial clefts. PMHM Trust has programs to perform cleft lip & palate surgeries free of cost in association with   GCCRI Foundation. Want to know more about cleft lip and palate surgery in Gurgaon? Click here.

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