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Teeth Cleaning in Gurgaon | Professional Scaling & Polishing

Teeth cleaning in Gurgaon by expert dentists to maintain oral hygiene in good condition. Professional scaling and polishing is a cleaning of teeth and gums to remove plaque and calculus with ultrasonic scaling machines.


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Professional Teeth Cleaning in Gurgaon

Professional teeth cleaning in Gurgaon by expert dentists at a very affordable cost. A professional tooth cleaning helps to maintain the good oral health of teeth and gum structure. Usually, it is advised to get teeth scaling once a year, but for patients having severe periodontal or gum problems, it is advised more frequently. Regular teeth cleaning helps gums to have a strong grip over the tooth roots and prevents tooth mobility.

A professional teeth cleaning is needed as the deposits get hard with salivary minerals over time and these hard deposits can not be removed with normal brushing. A professional tooth cleaning with ultrasonic scalers helps to remove these hard deposits effectively without damaging the teeth or the gums.

Myths about Teeth Cleaning

There are many myths about teeth cleaning in India. We run down some myths below with their true facts:


Teeth Become Weak due to cleaning

In fact, if you do not brush your teeth or avoid professional teeth cleaning, you are at greater chances to develop severe periodontal disease at a very younger age.

Gaps are created in between teeth due to scaling

Your teeth have little interdental gaps naturally in between the teeth. Over the period if tartar deposited gets accumulated will push teeth apart increasing the gap in between the teeth. Removal of this unhealthy tartar deposit seems to create gaps, but in fact, this gap is created by tartar deposit, and slowly over a period the teeth will come close and maintain a natural space.

Teeth will become sensitive after scaling

Removal of tartar deposits from between the teeth and gum surfaces makes root surfaces exposed to the oral cavity. This makes the root surface a little sensitive initially but over a period gums form a better grip over the root surfaces and sensitivity reduces.

Prophylaxis for routine dental care

A dental prophylaxis or scaling and polishing is carried out a thorough cleaning of teeth surfaces to prevent gum infections and periodontal disease. Your dental hygiene visit helps to maintain teeth surfaces clean and gums properly attached to the root of teeth.

Neglect in dental prophylaxis can lead to severe dental and periodontal issues. The mild to moderate problems indicating the progress of gum disease are:

  1. Redness and inflammation of gums
  2. Bleeding of gums
  3. Swelling in Gums
  4. tooth mobility
  5. Pus formation in gums
  6. Teeth Sensitivity
  7. Foul breath even after brushing
  8. Spaces in between teeth


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