Starting Profitable Dental Implant Practice in Delhi-NCR, India

There are few general dentists providing dental implants at their private dental practice on their own. A dental implant is the most required treatment for the replacement of a missing tooth. And the scope of dental implants is increasing day by day in India. The majority of dentists are busy providing general dentistry treatments in their practice. Usually, dental implant cases are referred to specialists or some general dentists manage a visiting implantologist to cater to the dental implant patients. Here we will walk you through major hurdles that a general dentist encounter to establish a profitable dental implant practice.

What’s Stopping you to start offering dental implants to your patients?

Today dental implant is the most demanded dental procedure globally, & even in India. A general dental practice is the first point of contact where the patient asks for different treatment options. Here we will talk about hurdles that many general dentists felt to get started with dental implant practice for one or other reasons.

Learning Dental Implantology

Learning is a crucial part of ever-evolving dentistry. It is also the first step to decide on a successful career move. Many dentists find it difficult to get formal implant education by joining long term diplomas in educational institutions. The best options for working dentists to step by step upgrade their dental implant skills is through short term dental courses offered by experienced implant surgeons in many major cities of India.

Developing Surgical Skill Set

You need to have a basic surgical skill set for dental implantology. Yes, it is mandatory even if you consider dental implants as a restorative procedure. But, it is also true that you need not have the only extensive surgical background like an oral surgeon for placing dental implants successfully. Gingival flap, how to use a scalpel, how to do good suturing, etc. is taught in some of the basic dental implant courses in India. Although, a general dentist is a dental surgeon and he/she knows how to perform minor dental surgeries very well like wisdom tooth removal, gum flaps, etc. You can easily learn, practice, and master the surgical skill set required for dental implantology.

Investment in Implantology

Investing time and money, both are required for establishing successful dental implant practice. Many general dentists are not ready to devote time to studying dental implants at diploma levels by enrolling into educational institutions in India. The good news is that there are many weekends, short duration courses catering to every level of dental implant training in the majority of cities in India. If you want to start getting a formal education in dental implants along with your dental practice you can enroll in these courses according to your knowledge and skillset in oral implantology. The mentors for these courses are seasoned implant clinicians so you can benefit to practically understand implant techniques. Even, if you consider the financial aspect of investment in dental implants – courses and armamentarium for dental implants. It is very reasonable and steps by step with sure profits involved in dental implant practice. The future of dental implants in India is very lucrative and stable in the coming years.

Fear of Failures in Dental Implants

Fear for failure and complications during and after dental treatments is common for almost every treatment in Dentistry. Same is true for dental implants too. General dentist usually avoid dental implants due to the chances of failure and post operative complications. In reality, dental implants if placed with proper clinical study shows up to 98.5 % success rate. This is far more in comparison with lot of other dental treatments. Only the requisite for successful implant treatment is proper case evaluation and planning. A general dentist can start with dental implants confidently after good training in simple cases where jaw bone is normal and there is no specific prosthetic management. Also, dentist can opt for training in course which provide hands-on and on the patient dental implants. This will sure make you more confident to do normal dental implant procedures for your patients.

Difficult Implant Cases Management

If you are starting dental implants you need not attempt the difficult dental implant cases. Over time and with gradual training in specialized implant procedures, you will be able to handle a variety of cases. Go slow and practice more with simple dental implants and it will not only add to your practice revenue, but you can also establish yourself as a dental implant surgeon. For beginning get help from an expert implantologist who can come and rescue you with specialized implant techniques.

Scope of Dental Implants in India

The Dental Implant market is going to expect a tremendous increase by 2026. India is having the largest population and factors such as dental treatment awareness, changes in diet habits, access to dental implant centers, the prevalence of decayed teeth, and missing teeth all add to increasing demand for dental implant procedures. According to Fortune Bussiness Insights report global dental implant market reported touching USD 5,725.7 Billion by 2026.

Best way to start Dental Implantology

Today there are numerous ways to start learning dental implantology. Here we are going to discuss various methods by which general dentist can start a journey towards successful dental implant practice.

Online Webinars

The intresting platform for self study from multiple pioneers in dental implantology is Online Webinars. Yes, you can reach to many dental implant experts and learn from them almost freely in a webinar.

Even reputed dental implant companies are presenting live online webinars for dental implant techniques. According to your level of knowledge and implant practice you can find your webinars and start registration and learn dental implants freely from anywhere in world.

Short Term Courses

You will be glad to find a lot of basic to advance dental implantology courses in India in most of the cities. These courses are offered as weekend course, 3 to 5 days course. These courses are easily completed without disturbing your dental practice. Short term dental Implant courses is best option to start learning dental implants and upgrading your learning with advance dental courses.

Join Study Circles/Forums

There are numerous groups, study circles, and forums formed by dental implant experts and students all around the world. Beginners, as well as expert dentists, can benefit from these dental implant knowledge platforms. Join these study circles and learn from global implant experts about dental implant techniques and a variety of procedures. Also, you will get a chance to witness practical implant cases and management of dental implant techniques from all over the world.

Implement into Practice

The first step to achieving anything is to start. Yes, start dental implant placement after learning over models and on the patients with guidance from your mentors. Also, it is necessary to start with proper case selection and planning for simple implant placement individually in your dental practice. With continuity of practice with simple cases, you will progress with confidence towards more challenging cases.

Guided Mentor Programs

The best way to learn and practice dental implants is under the guidance of expert mentors. Practical guidance in case planning and placement of the implant is an important step in successful dental implant treatments. With mentor guidance you have your back watched and get important tips at every stage of implant surgery.