Single Visit Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Best Rotary one visit RCT at affordable Cost in Gurgaon


Looking for a single visit root canal treatment in Gurgaon? We have experienced, best root canal specialist in Gurgaon for single visit root canal treatment. The high-end rotary equipment and instruments are used to deliver a painless single visit RCT. For a high clinical success of single visit root canal treatment, our experienced dentist will examine your case for type and progress of the dental infection, condition of the tooth structure, etc. After a thorough examination, our dentist would suggest this.

Not all root canal cases can be done with a single visit RCT. A proper examination and diagnostic radiographs and the expertise of a root canal dentist are needed for a successful single visit RCT.



The cost of a single visit RCT is more as compared to traditional Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon, but the success of a single visit RCT depends on proper case selection by the experienced root canal specialist.

At i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic, our dentists are trained in advanced rotary endodontics and are an expert in painless single visit RCT.

Single-visit RCT is a comfortable and convenient procedure in most cases where there is very little infection.  Single-visit RC can be done with the same or even better results, only the criteria are case selection.

If you are looking for an affordable single visit root canal treatment in Gurgaon, talk to our expert dentist now. 


The procedure for single visit RCT is almost the same as traditional RCT only the difference is it is completed in one visit. ( almost an hour) With high-end rotary endodontic motors and instruments, it is possible to do painless single visit RCT with precision.

  • Ater Numbing the area of the tooth to be treated, the access opening is done painlessly.
  • The removal of pulp tissue and pulp in a root canal is removed using the manual as well as rotary endodontic motor.
  • Disinfection, cleaning shaping of canals is done with irrigants and rotary endo motor.
  • The apex locator is used to get the exact location of your root apex.
  • After thorough cleaning and shaping, root canals are filled with special filling material ( Gutta Percha) and the opening is closed with dental cement.
root canal treatment in Gurgaon
root canal treatment in Gurgaon

Traditional RCT

Requires about 3 to 4 dental office visits in a gap of 3 days. The total time taken to complete an RCT is about 10 Days.

dental filling in Gurgaon

Re- Root Canal Treatment

Failures in root canal treatment are not very common but, if infection or pain occurs in a previously treated root canal the option to save a tooth is finding the reason for infection and performing re-root canal treatment. 

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