Re-Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon

Best second option to save tooth with advance re-root canal



Re-Root canal treatment in Gurgaon by expert dentists giving a second chance to save your previously failed root canal treatment. A root canal treated tooth survives well for a lifetime but sometimes a secondary infection into roots causes pain and swelling in the surrounding area. The only option to save a tooth is to find the cause of re-infection and attempting a re-root canal treatment.


Reasons For Root Canal Failures

Failure of root canal treatment can happen due to many reasons. If your previously treated tooth is causing pain or discomfort after months or years of root canal treatment. You need to confirm the cause of failure with proper consultation with an endodontist. An expert endodontist can give you a second chance to save your tooth with re-root canal treatment. Visit our expert dentist in Gurgaon for an evaluation of your failed root canal treatment.

To list a few reasons for the failure of root canal treatment as:

  • Curved or very narrow root canals that are not cleaned and filled in the first treatment.
  • Salivary contamination during the restorative treatment.
  • failure to place a dental crown over the RCT tooth in time.
  • Complicated canal anatomy is not detected in the first treatment.
  • New decay-causing exposure of root canal filling to infection.
  • Loose, Cracked, or broken crown causing reinfection into canals.


PROCEDURE – Re-Root Canal Treatment

The procedure for Re-RCT is almost the same as traditional root canal treatment. Our expert dentist will first examine and assess the reason for the failure of root canal treatment. If there is a second chance for saving a tooth with a re-root canal our dentist will open the tooth and remove the previously filled root canal filling. The properly opened root canals are cleaned and disinfected again. If there is any need to fill the accessory canals the dentist will do the root canal filling and seal the tooth with a temporary restoration. After a few weeks the dentist will examine the x-ray and determine to place the permanent restoration and capping for the tooth.

root canal treatment in Gurgaon
root canal treatment in Gurgaon

Traditional RCT

Requires about 3 to 4 dental office visits in a gap of 3 days. The total time taken to complete an RCT is about 10 Days.

dental filling in Gurgaon

Single Visit RCT

As the name suggests an RCT is completed in one dental visit. Talk to our endodontist in Gurgaon for a single visit RCT option.

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