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Dental Treatments for Children in Gurgaon

Dear parents, we welcome you to the i-Smile Charitable dental clinic. We are happy to see you and your kids at our clinic in sector 40. The dental needs of a child are very different than those of adults. They need good support and understanding of their oral health issues. A pedodontist ( a dentist specialized in dentistry for children) usually treats children in an age group (0 to 18 years). This includes newborns, toddlers, adolescents, and teenage children.

Dental issues in kids are complex as they involve milk teeth and permanent teeth too. The mixed dentition needs special care and treatment to supplement the eruption of permanent teeth. Also, children need to be reinforced for good oral hygiene habits from time to time. These habits play a vital role in good oral health for a lifetime.

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First Dental Visit for your Child

A first dental visit for a kid is usually very important. It is easier for a child to understand and develop a positive rapport with a dental office.

Points to remember :

  • Plan a first dental visit around the child’s first birthday.
  • ¬†General dental check-up and radiological examination for finding decay and eruption of permanent teeth.
  • Application of fluoride gel or fluoride varnish for preventing teeth cavities.
  • Provide proper knowledge about brushing habits and oral hygiene.

Dental Treatments for kids at our Clinic

Complete Dental Check-ups

Our experienced dentists will examine the kid’s oral cavity in detail for all signs and symptoms of dental issues.

Fluoride Application

Fluoride is the best protection for dental decay in kids. Fluoride application stabilizes the mineral content of milk teeth and keeps them strong.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are useful in preventing the milk teeth as well as permanent teeth from getting dental decay.


Pulpectomy and pulpotomy procedures help to restore damaged milk teeth so that they can serve better up to the eruption of permanent teeth.

Dental Restorations

Dental restorations help to prevent infection and damage of milk teeth and help to protect underlying permanent teeth.

Pre-Orthodontics/ Orthodontics

Pre-orthodontic treatments help kids to have straight teeth and reduce jaw discrepancies.

Tooth Extractions

Milk tooth extractions are done by kids dentist for reasons like saving permanent teeth from infection, etc.

Space Maintainers

If milk tooth is removed before eruption time of permanent teeth the space maintainer is used to maintain the space.

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