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General dentistry in Gurgaon for all members of your family and also known as Family Dentistry. All dental care facilities are provided at i-Smile charitable dental clinic in Gurgaon located in Sector 40.

General dentistry is primary care that includes initial dental consultation, diagnostic radiographs, and required dental treatments mostly preventive dental procedures.

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An initial dental examination is very vital to maintain good oral health. Our experienced best dentist in Gurgaon are well trained in diagnosis and treatment planning. General dentistry mostly involves preventive dental; care and treatments. Hygiene care, gum care, tooth removal, fillings, root canal treatment, oral health education, etc.

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Oral Examination

Our oral examination involves a thorough inspection of the oral cavity. Our dentist examines teeth, gums, tongue, and soft tissues for any abnormal changes. Our dental consultations are for not only treating your existing issues but also suggesting you the best preventive measures. 


Oral Cancer Screening

30 to 50% of cancer cases are preventable. Early detection is the very first step in prevention and completes the cure of oral cancers. Oral cancer screening helps to early detection of pre-cancerous lesions in the oral cavity. 

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Gum Care & Hygiene

Regular teeth cleaning is a very important preventive procedure is not only for maintaining oral health but general health too. Yes, gum diseases can lead to may systemic infections. Also, teeth scaling and polishing helps to maintain a whiter and brighter smile.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Gross neglect over many years can lead to multiple damages in teeth surfaces, lost teeth, worn out dentition, etc. With compromised biting and imbalance in occlusion, results in issues in TMJ  These can result in long term pain and discomfort in surrounding musculature.

preventive dentistry in Gurgaon


A para-functional habit of excessive grinding and jaw clenching is known as bruxism. This leads to severe teeth wear off, fracture, and mobility of teeth. A night Guard is given to patients suffering from bruxism to reduce the biting forces and prevent teeth wear. 

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A dental filling is a preventive dental treatment to save carious teeth surfaces. A carious portion of the tooth is removed and dental cement is filled to restore the tooth. Flowable pit and fissure sealants are used to fill the deep fissures of the tooth surface to prevent dental decay. 

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