dental implants facts to consider

Consider these 5 facts if you are about to decide dental implants in Gurgaon

Looking to replace a missing tooth with dental implants in Gurgaon? A dental implant is considered a costly dental procedure and many patients are scared about getting the treatment done due to a lot of uncertain factors. These 5 facts about dental implants will help you decide to go ahead with dental implants and have a beautiful smile back.

1. Who is a right candidate for dental implant surgery?

With advanced dental techniques and procedures, almost anyone can have a successful dental implant teeth replacement. If you are having these difficulties, you need a dental implant treatment:

  • Difficulties in chewing and biting food
  • missing or severely damaged tooth
  • Failed RCT and broken teeth in jaws
  • Missing all teeth in a single jaw or both jaws
  • ill-fitting and hurting dentures
  • partial dentures making supporting teeth compromised
  • fracture or trauma to teeth

Anyone having good gums and jaw bone can undergo successful implant treatment. and even if there is less bone or medically compromised situation, our implntologist in Gurgaon are trained to provide successful dental implants in severe bone loss cases too.

2. Will dental implant teeth function like natural ones?

Looking for comfortable functional replacement of teeth? Dental implants are the most preferred option for you. With almost 70 % functional efficiency dental implants are best compared to removable dentures, dental bridges. Implants offer a fixed and stable connection with the jaw bone and function the same as natural teeth. As with every prosthesis, dental implants teeth will be sure awkward in the beginning and requires little time to settle down. If you are bearing ill-fitting removable dentures, worn dental bridges dental implants are the best teeth replacement for you.

3. What if a dental implant fails in my case?

Successful dental implant treatment requires a highly skilled and experienced dental implant surgeon. There are very few chances for dental implant failures as less as only 2 to 3 %. The experienced implantologist will pre-determine what will be the best method for your tooth replacement with advance dental implant techniques. The dental implant requires good oral hygiene practice as like natural dentition. Our best dentists in Gurgaon will give you all the instructions for taking proper care of your dental implant at home. Also, a highly skilled implant surgeon has all the skills and expertise to deal with few unfortunate dental implant failures.

4. Is dental implant surgery painful?

Are you considering dental implant treatment painful? Be assured, lot of our patients tell us they feel pulling during the tooth removal and absolutely no pain during the implant placement. Dental implant treatment is like any other dental procedure performed under local anesthesia and you do not feel pain during the procedure. After the procedure, our best implant surgeons in Gurgaon will prescribe you medicines that will take care of pain and swelling.

5. Do dental implants last a lifetime?

Are you kidding? Your natural teeth are supposed to last for life, dental implants do last about 15 to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. All reputed dental implant companies provide a lifetime warranty for dental implants. This warranty helps implantologist and patients to get an easy replacement in case of any untoward implant manufacturing defect. All good dental implant manufacturing companies have fully functional research and development facilities and responsibly take care of implant defects.


If you want to replace a missing tooth or severely damaged tooth, dental implants are the best tooth-replacement option in Gurgaon. Our expert implant surgeons are very well versed with all types of dental implant techniques like conventional implants, immediate implants, zygoma implants, all on 4 dental implants, etc. Want an opinion on your tooth replacement get help from our expert implantologist now.