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Best Tooth Filling to save damaged tooth


Best quality dental filling in Gurgaon by experienced dentists. A dental filling is used to restore a carious damaged tooth. A tooth filling is named according to the filling materials used for restoring a tooth. Some common types of dental fillings are – Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC), Composite Light Cure Filling, Temporary filling, silver amalgam filling, etc.

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Tooth decay or a cavity is formed in and over the tooth surface/s. It is very difficult to avoid dental decay or cavity formation. Only your regular oral hygiene and dentist visits can prevent cavities. The main reason the decay starts in the tooth is due to the accumulation and retention of food over the tooth surfaces or in between the teeth, especially overnight. Coming to basics, two times brushing once flossing and use of mouthwash along with regular six months dental check-ups can prevent tooth cavity.

At i-smile charitable dental clinic in Gurgaon, we put more emphasis on preventive dental treatments. A dental filling is one of the most important preventive dental treatment to save tooth damage. Tooth filling helps to stop already formed dental decay or cavity. If decay keeps progressing to the inner layers of the tooth and reached inside the tooth nerve, there is severe pain. At initial stages, the tooth cavity does not cause pain or discomfort in the tooth. Occasional sensitivity is felt on eating hot or cold food.


  • Tooth discoloration can be easily observed if you look carefully in the mirror.
  • If there are caries that hurt sometimes while eating.
  • Food lodgement in between teeth
  • A broken or fractured tooth



  • A dental filling is easy, the non-expensive procedure to restore the tooth.
  • New resin composite fillings mimic the natural color of the tooth very effectively.
  • Prevents progress of dental decay inside the tooth and saves patients from painful conditions that require RCT.
  • Fillings are usually durable and can be immediately replaced if broken.
  • A very simple and non-invasive dental procedure that saves you from pain and expensive treatments.

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