Dental Courses in India

Certified dental courses for dental students, freshers, dentists, specialists, and dental auxiliaries in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India.

Dental Courses in India for Dentists to get Trained in Practical Dentistry

Dental courses in India for fresher dentists and dental students for practical training in dental procedures.  Learning is a part of dentistry, there are newer developments, the latest equipment and materials, and new treatment methods. The field of dentistry is always evolving and dentists have to keep themselves updated to provide the best care to their patients.

The i-Smile charitable dental clinic provides a platform for dental care professionals to develop and update their skills in all areas of dentistry.

Our Learning programs are developed with the most important aspect i.e. the practical training in dental procedures. To master clinical skills dentists need to work on actual patients and learn the new methods and technology, their usage clinically. For better understanding and practice we have a simple method in place – Demonstration, theoretical understanding, and practice on live patients under the guidance of mentors.

Working along with master mentors help fresher dentists to learn and develop the skills fast and without making mistakes during the procedures. Practical training will reinforce the confidence to manage the procedures on your own.

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General Dentistry Course

After your dental course, you are ready for the professional beginning. But, are you confident enough to manage certain procedures that you lack proper practice at the internship level. Know more about how you can develop your skills in general dental practice with our learning methods.

dental implant courses in Indiia

Dental Implant Course

A general dentist can upgrade his knowledge and practice dental implantology with ease. We have various dental implant techniques and different learning courses for all levels of your implant dentistry practice. Know more about how you can enroll with us to update your implant dentistry practice.



Endodontic Course

Master the root canal treatments and manage your most desired endodontic cases with confidence. Our endodontic courses are developed for general dentists, freshers to learn practical skills in rotary endodontics. Endodontics is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your private dental practice.

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Course for Auxiliaries

Dental auxiliaries support is a must for every practicing dentist to efficiently manage a private dental practice. Dental assistants, dental receptionists, dental practice managers, dental PRO, etc are required to manage your dental practice. Our training provides a cutting edge in dental care hiring for dental auxiliaries.

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Online Oral Surgery Course for General Dentists

7 Days Whatsappinar Sessions

This workshop is designed to learn and revise your basic to advance oral surgery skills. Theoretical and practical tips, build confidence in your clinical surgery practice.

Course Fees: Rs.1500