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COVID-19 Dentistry in Gurgaon for Safe Dental Treatments

COVID-19 Dentistry in Gurgaon for safe dental treatments at our dental center with all precautions. COVID 19 pandemic had changed our lives thoroughly and there is a vast change in your dental office visits too. According to the DCI guidelines, emergency dental patients were done at dental clinics. Coronavirus infection is a droplet infection and it can spread through contact to the infected material.

Now as the un-lockdown I phase has been initiated, we are able to source protective equipment and material to prevent the clinical cross-infection. We are now equipped with PPE gowns, Masks, disinfection chemicals, face shields, sanitizers, etc. Still, your dental visit had to be very different than the usual one.


At the i-Smile charitable dental clinic in Gurgaon sector 40, we request you to follow all the instructions before, during, and after a dental visit.

A Carona infection is still increasing and is a general threat. We would help you with your dental treatments during this COVID-19 situation with all precations from our side as well as your side too. Help us to serve you better and protect ourselves and our patients.


For this pandemic of the corona virus, we will gather all the necessary health, travel, and locale information from you. You will be provided clinic visit instructions before your visit. You will be asked about your current dental situation and the dentist will guide you if you require an urgent visit or your situation can resolve with medication. We also request you to limit the number of accompanying people, especially children to the dental office.


As we know it is general safety for you and everyone around you to wear a face mask or at least cover your face with a handkerchief. We require you to wear a face mask during your visit.

We require you to remove your shoes outside before coming inside the clinic.

Our office has sanitizer kept over the counter so rub your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer.

We will ask again the same questions related to your health, travel, and locale. And our staff will record your temperature. You are required to sign your COVID -19 Consent form at the front desk.

You will be asked to wait while the dentist and staff will get ready to attain you. Things have been changed and you will notice that a lot of things like computer screens had been removed from the dental chair, dentist and staff will be wearing PPE, mask, and face shield. These additional precautions are to protect you and us too.


After completion of your appointment, you need to wear your mask and sanitize your hands. After leaving a dental office, if you have any questions please talk to the dentist on the phone. Staff will thoroughly disinfect the area with chemicals effective against the COVID infection and prepare for the next patient. This helps to reduce the risk to pass infection to others.