How to tackle a dental emergency during the COVID situation in Gurgaon?

India is still battling the covid virus. The rise of cases during the recent second wave had made a real panic in society. More and more people are getting infected and in a need of emergency rehabilitation. The government of India has been forced to implement again a lockdown in most parts of India. Gurgaon municipal corporation had announced a lockdown form 30th April 2021. With this, you will be restricted from unnecessary traveling intercity. Only emergency shops, facilities are open with limited working time.

You and your family can avail following dental care services in case of any dental emergency during the lockdown in Gurgaon.

  1. Online video consultation
  2. Online prescription
  3. Emergency dental treatments at Clinic

Online Video  Consultation with Dentist

Online video consultation with a dentist is the safest and best way to reach out for any dental emergency during this lockdown in Gurgaon. This is one of the best sources to get dental consultation without risking your family members to covid infection. Many dentists in Gurgaon are available to get online consultations with online platforms like – Practo, Lybrate, DoctorPlus, etc. You can easily register with any of these platforms and get to a dental specialist for teleconsultation, video consultation, and e-prescription.


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e-prescription for your dental issues

Now it is easier to consult your dentist and