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About Us- i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic

Affordable Dentist in Gurgaon

Affordable Dentist in Gurgaon, i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic is a unit of a registered NGO “Prakash Manchanda & Dr. Hemraj Memorial Trust” in India. The trust is tirelessly working in the field of Oral Health Awareness & Treatments in Urban as well as rural parts of India.

The full-time dental clinic provides all modern dental treatments to patients from Monday to Saturday. Dedicated experienced dentists, trained staff, and specialist dentists provide dental treatments at very subsidized rates.

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Prakash Manchanda and Dr. Hemraj Memorial Trust is a registered non-profit in India, having head office in Delhi.
With its extensive humanitarian work, the trust operates its projects in healthcare, education, and resource development for people with social, physical, and economical deficits.

Our main focus is on alleviating disabilities, providing proper social, physical, and economic rehabilitation for the underprivileged and needy.

The NGO is tirelessly and actively serving towards oral health resources development for patients having difficulties in attaining dental care services due to availability issues, economical issues,
time spending issues.


Affordable Dentist in Gurgaon | i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic

Sterilization & Hygiene

We utilize high sterilization protocols at i-Smile Charitable Dental Clinic for your safety. Use of disposable items and autoclave for all dental instruments is followed for preventing cross infections at the clinic. We assure you of a safe hygienic dental treatment all the time.

We are at the forefront of keeping our fight against the COVID-19 situation. We are following all the recommended precautions to keep our dentists, staff, and patients safe during the pandemic. Providing safest dentistry in Gurgaon in COVID-19 Situation.

Our Dental Team

We have experienced dentists in Gurgaon to provide you all dental treatments under one roof. Being a multi-specialty dental care facility we have all dental specialists to provide you with routine dentistry to high-end dental treatments at our center.

We are one of the best family dental clinics in Gurgaon providing treatments to kids as well as old people.

Affordable dentist in Gurgaon for all dental treatments under one roof. A fully equipped dental clinic in Gurgaon at sector 40 with all facilities for advanced modern dental care.


Oral Health Project

Dental health is one of the most ignored healthcare either due to economy, awareness, or fear. Dental pain is terrible and without proper access, awareness, and economy, it gets even worst. Delaying smaller dental problems lead to more complicated and severe overall health problems.
The NGO runs a dedicated, full-time dental clinic in sector 40, Gurgaon. i-Smile Charitable dental Clinic works for
three major areas – dental awareness, dental education, dental treatments.
With our Oral health awareness programs, we encourage good oral care habits, impart knowledge about dental diseases and
treatments, education about tobacco cessation programs, oral cancer prevention and treatments, oral health in kids,
preventive dental treatments, etc.
Our Dental Education Programs are for the dentists, dental students, dental auxiliary workers, to help them facilitate excellent dental care to needy patients. We provide basic to advance dental education courses for dentists to get perfect
expertise, increase clinical dentistry skills, and delivering the best dental treatments.
We provide free and subsidized dental treatments to needy patients through our dental camps and charitable dental clinic set-ups. Best and affordable dental care with all basic and advanced dental care services including simple dental
fillings to more complex and advanced dental implant procedures.

School Oral Health programs
Our NGO adopts schools and provides complete oral health programs to school children. The school Oral health programs are developed to provide full support and encouragement for kids to perform best oral hygiene habits. Treating dental caries,
with fluoride application, dental fillings, dental extractions, and all required dental procedures. We truly believe that habits developed in children can bring long term health improvement results in a future lifetime. We try to help every kid in our adopted school not only to excel in healthy living but also to support them in their education and skills development.